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The Election, Teaching and “Freelance”

I was reconnecting with a friend a little bit ago and was walking him through the type of work I do. He proceeds to say, "Oh, so you're a consultant."

This broke my train of thought because I tend to just call it "freelance design."

I guess this is a smarter choice of words though. Case in point, I've found myself (upon multiple occasions), wondering "should I tell my Client about x?" or, "is it my job to y?" Then I remember that I am, by nature a teacher, and the property that I'm guarding isn't general design strategy and research toolsyou can google those—what I'm guarding is my own intellectual property. That is, how I understand these tools and how  I execute them. And I've come to find, I'm rather good at it. Think I'm wrong? Hire me, I dare you.

It was a great moment realizing this. Basically I wanted to high five someone bc Trishia's finally getting it!

Anyway, its been a strange week. All the protesting is great (I'm a big supporter of peaceful protesting), but now let's channel this energy into positive change. For me, I definitely am. I still need to figure out this job situation—I actually am in love with working for myself currently—but right now I've been really happy with the time I've had to just create wonderful things and focus on the pieces of my life that matter. Lets stop talking and start doing more. I hear oppression is great for artists.