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One of the perks of working remote is you don't need to talk to anyone you don't want to.
This is also one of the downsides. Another downside is you end up v reliant on the virtual world. I didn't think it was that bad—I mean I draw all the time, go outside and don't look at my phone when I'm hanging with friends...but apparently it was bad.

I broke my laptop and it just about killed me. Then I realized, "F it all—create!" and so began my "back to basics" sharpie/sketchbook saga I ended up titling AN·A·LOG (bc every project needs a name, right?)

Challenge: Your computer screen broke and you don't know about that 24-hr apple store on 5th ave yet—what do you do?

Solution: Buy all the sharpies and draw all the things.

Lesson Learned: Kids really don't know what its like without the internetz these days, do they. Also, as much as I act unplugged, I felt so lost without my beautiful Macx. Seriously, may have cried a little.

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