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Sketch Trishia

Sometimes you know you're going to fail at something going in, but you do it anyway.

That happened this morning with an interview I had, but I surprisingly wasn't too upset—mainly bc I got valuable insight on how skills based interviews work, but also bc it validated exactly what I love about design — proactive problem solving. There's something extremely intriguing about the thought processes and behaviors of the evolving human, and how to preemptively discover, answer and design solutions for their questions.

The interview itself wasn't bad – I walked into a pretty office space with a positive environment and was asked to complete a task in 20 minutes while the interviewer watched from a chair just behind me. The problem itself was that I had prepared for a web designer interview, not a UI design interview, but I guess I should always be prepared for anything, right? Anyway, after I finished I went home and finally stopped with the freebee sketch apps and DL'd the real thing to give myself some reassurance that I knew what I was talking about. Thus commenced a 30 min refresher on making a mobile product page in Sketch (seen below).